Yb:YAG is one of the most promising laser-active materials and more suitable?for diode-pumping than the traditional Nd-doped systems. Compared with the?commonly used Nd:YAG crystal, Yb:YAG crystal has a much larger absorption?bandwidth to reduce thermal management requirements for diode lasers, a?longer upper-laser level lifetime, three to four times lower thermal loading?per unit pump power. Yb:YAG crystal at 1030nm is a good substitute for a Nd:YAG crystal at 1064nm and its second harmonic at 515nm may replace Ar-ion laser (with a large volume), which emit at 514nm.

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Advantages of Yb:YAG Crystal:

       ?  Very low fractional heating, less than 11%;
       ?  Very high slope efficiency;
       ?  Broad absorption bands, about 8nm @940nm;
       ?  No excited-state absorption or up-conversion;  
       ?  Conveniently pumped by reliable InGaAs diodes at 940nm(or 970nm);  
       ?  High thermal conductivity and large mechanical strength;   
       ?  High optical quality.


Table 1. Material and Specifications

Dopant concentration

Yb:  5~15 at%

Wavefront Distortion

≤ 0.125λ/inch

Extinction Ratio

≥28 dB

Rod Sizes

Diameter:2~20mm, Length:5~150mm 

Upon request of customer  

Dimensional Tolerances

Diameter:+0.00“/-0.002”mm, Length: ± 0.02"

Barrel Finish

Ground Finish: 400# Grit







Surface Quality

10/5 (MIL-PRF-13830B)


0.006"±0.002" at 45°± 5°

AR Coating Reflectivity

≤ 0.25% (@1030nm)

Single pass loss

<3×10-3 cm-1



Table 2. Optical and Spectral Properties of Yb:YAG Crystal

Laser Transition

2 F 5/22 F 7/2

Laser Wavelength


Photon Energy

1.93×10-19 J(@1030nm)                              

Emission Linewidth


Emission Cross Section

2.0×10-20 cm2

Fluorescence Lifetime


Diode Pump Band           

940nm or 970nm

Pump Absorption Band Width


Index of Refraction


Thermal Optical Coefficient


Loss Coefficient

0.003 cm-1



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