In double doped Nd:Ce:YAG crystals Cerium are chosen as sensitizer for Nd3+ ions because of its strong absorption in UV spectral region at flash lamp pumping and efficient energy transfer to the Nd3+ excited state. As a result - thermal distortion in Nd: Ce:YAG is appreciably less and the output laser energy is greater than that in Nd:YAG at the same pumping. Therefore it is possible to realize high power lasers with good beam quality. Lasing wavelength at 1064 nm, laser damage threshold and thermal conductivity of the Nd: Ce:YAG crystals are the same as for Nd:YAG.

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Advantages of Nd:Ce:YAG Crystal:

?   High efficiency;
?   Low threshold;
?   Good anti-violet radiation property;
?   Good thermal stability;
?   High optical quality; 



Table 1. Optical and Spectral Properties of Nd:Ce:YAG Crystal

Laser Transition

4 F 3/2--> 4 I 11/2

Laser Wavelength


Photon Energy

1.86×10-19 [email protected]μm                          

Emission Linewidth

4.5? @1.064μm 

Emission Cross Section(Nd 1 at%)      

2.7~8.8×10-19 cm-2

Fluorescence Lifetime


Index of Refraction

[email protected]



Table 2. Specifications of Nd:Ce:YAG crystal from CASTECH

Dopant concentration

Nd:1.1~1.4at%, Ce:0.05~0.1at%

Wavefront distortion

≤ 0.2λ/inch

Extinction Ratio

≥28 dB

Rod Sizes

Diameter:3~6mm, Length:40~80mm

Upon request of customer

Dimensional Tolerances

Diameter:+0.000“/-0.002”,Length: ±0.02"                                

Barrel Finish              

Ground Finish: 400# Grit







Surface quality

10/5 (MIL-PRF-13830B)


0.006"±0.002" at 45°± 5°

AR coating reflectivity

≤ 0.25% (@1064nm)






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