Broadband Dielectric Coatings

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CASTECH  offers two standard dielectric broadband coatings . Other  coatings are available upon request.

   ?  High quality ,excellent value 

   ?  Broaband  dielectric coatings

   ?  Hight  damage threshrod


Substrate MaterialBK7 or BOROFLOAT
Damage ThresholdBD1:500W/cm2  1J/cm2 ,10 nsec pulses within the wavelength range typical

BD2:1000W/cm2  2J/cm2 ,10 nsec pulses within the wavelength range typical

Coating CodeWavelength Range(nm)Reflectivity per SurfaceAngle of incidence
BD488-694488-694(VIS band)Rs,Rp>99%0-45°
BD700-950700-950(NIR band)

Rs>99% ,Rp>98%@700-950 nm 

Ravg>80%@632.8 nm


Order Information:

To order  append the coating code  BD488-694 to the substrate number.

For example   MIR-127-031-BK7-BD488-694 。


BD488-694                                                            BD700-950

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